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Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer or mobile device when visiting a website. With the cookies used on we are able to better understand what kind of content users are interested in and to develop our site so that it offers the best possible user experience.

Which cookies does use? does not gather information on its users via cookies but there are few third- party tools embedded on our website that may save cookies on your browser. We use cookies to collect anonymous statistical data for marketing purposes and to develop our website using Google Analytics -software.

With Google Analytics we are for example able to gather anonymous information on which search engine did you use to get into our site, which keywords did you use, which pages on our site you have viewed and how many times have you visited our site.

We survey this data as an entity so that when planning or restructuring the site we can construct it so that it works in the best possible way. Information collected by third-parties (such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords) we are able to focus marketing to the right target groups on other sites such as Facebook.

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