Asa & DJ Polarsoul


Asa & DJ Polarsoul, who are currently on their “Paras rundi ikinä!” -tour, will perform together for the last time. After touring for 15 years and making a huge impact on Finnish rap music, Asa will after this Blockfest -performance take a considerable break. Yet DJ Polarsoul can still be seen in Vaasa’s corner pubs.

This dynamic duo will perform what they call post-post-punk-rap from their new upcoming album 10 uuden uuden aallon laulua. In addition, the longtime artists promised to add some old classics in their set list and might even bring some friends with them to the stage.

Asa is a significant Finnish rapper, whose debut album Punainen tiili under alias Avain is a classic itself. With his own record label Roihis Musica and more than 10 released albums, he is still an active artist. During the years, he has worked with many other artists and was also a part of a band called JätkäJätkät.

Polarsoul is a DJ and a producer who has, besides Asa, worked with artist such as Eevil Stöö, Pyhimys and Paperi T. He has released three albums and numerous mixtapes himself.

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Asa & DJ Polarsoul
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