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Eevil Stöö is a long-time artist who’s career started more than 20 years ago. In 2018 he founded Katakombi, a record label that represents artists such as DJ Kridlokk and Henrik!. Eevil Stöö is also known for his part in groups such as Siniset Punaiset Miehet and KC/MD Mafia and has worked together with several other Finnish artists – Kube, Gasellit and Evelina to name a few.

In 2002 he took the stage name Eevil Stöö and released his debut studio album Pinkkibikinihinkkichiksi. Some of his most known songs are “Tyyppaa viel”, “Avopaku”, “Kolme Michelin tähtee” and “HLMSK” – the last three being co-projects of Evil Stöö and Kube. Throughout this career, this rapper has released new music steadily with a range of styles from more traditional hiphop to trap, Memphis rap and recently adopted UK drill. So far in 2021 he has released singles such as “Merten oma Nate Dogg” and “En luota mun koiriin”.

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Eevil Stöö
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