Etta‘s Blockfest-debut happened already in 2018 as a part of JVG‘s show. In between her first rap covers and official single release “Ballerina” being released in 2018, she continued to publish more cover videos, featured for artists such as Lukas Leon, Paleface and Pete Parkkonen and signed a record deal with PME Records. The talented young artist, whose material is a combination of rapping and singing, was also nominated for YleX’s Läpimurto 2019 and a part of Basso’s and HOODWATCH’s Luokka 18 -listing seen as one of the most promising new Finnish artists.

In 2019 she released two EP’s, 10 and 10+, made more guest appearances and released a new song “Hurmaava” as a part of PME’s mixtape Volume. The year 2020 Etta has started with two new single releases “FML” and “Huomioo”.

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