Fresh ’21


Fresh ’21 is a group of fresh acts curated by Blockfest and DJ Vicky. These five performers are Baby Blu, EDEN, ez, Ina and SAFIRA.

Each year, a lot of new, inspiring talents emerge in the field of Finnish hip-hop. These newcomers may have a few releases in their back pocket but not enough material for a whole festival set of their own. We have always brought new talents to the stag, but this year we want to make even more room for up and coming acts. To do our part better.

And this is where the idea of Fresh ’21 started. Although this is the first year implementing this concept, it’s meant to be an annual tradition. While choosing these performers, Blockfest and DJ Vicky have listened carefully to various music industry influencers equally from different sides (for example record companies and agencies). And the acts are…

  • Baby Blu, Monsp Records protege who charms the listener with original beats and melancholic lyrics
  • EDEN, also member of the Monsp Records family, blending rap and R&B smoothly together
  • ez (pronounced “easy”), fresh R&B artist recording for Universal Music
  • Ina, perhaps the most experienced one of Fresh ’21 (Ina has recorded music with names like Laidback Luke), but she recently began a new phase with Finnish solo material
  • SAFIRA, only one of these five artists who doesn’t have a record deal yet,but her first EP “Palasiks” was praised by Helsingin Sanomat

Yes, we know. There’s a lot great talent out there besides these five great artists and every one of them would deserve their place in Fresh ’21 by the same token. But this isn’t a competition. Fresh ’21 is about more than that: everything from group dynamics to visuals. DJ Vicky will also be the backbone of this set working as the dj.

Fresh ’21
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