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Eric Whitney is better known as Ghostemane, an artist that in terms of rap music, is by his own words influenced by Southern rap groups such as Three 6 Mafia and OutKast. Though growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida, he originally played guitar in hardcore and doom metal bands. He studied astrophysics in university and was employed but found success in the underground when he started rapping and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Whitney then joined Schemaposse, a collective with JGRXXN, now-deceased Lil Peep and Craig Xen. After the disbanding of Schemaposse, he became friends with the underground group (well-known to Blockfest audience) $uicideboy$ and the SoundCloud-success Pouya. With the latter, Whitney released a music video for ”1000 Rounds” in 2017 that today has over 15 million views.

In his few active years this 27-year old artist has released seven albums, a few mixtapes and a bunch of EPs. Ghostemane’s newest album titled ”N/O/I/S/E” is in many ways influenced by industrial metal, nu metal and bands such as Metallica.

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