Gracias x DeezyDavid


The two brothers, both signed to PME Records, have already released a joint-project – a single called ”Mis ollaan”. However, when listening to their solo material the blood relation is easy to forget due to differences.

In his career, Gracias has released three records and a mixtape. The latter, ”Listenin Comprehension”, his first release from 2007, was under the name of Luminate. The first project under the known name Gracias was ”Gracias EP”, released in 2011. He was signed to PME Records in 2014.

Having earlier published materials in English, Gracias’ first Finnish single ”Toleka” was released in 2017. Currently he is focusing on Finnish material, that has already been heard in collaborations such as ”Swipe” by Cledos, ”Ei Mitää Järkee” by Gettomasa and ”6AM” by Cavallini x Shrty. Gracias is also known as an actor from movies such as Leijonasydän and Ex-Onnelliset.

The younger brother, 17-year old DeezyDavid, was signed to PME Records in 2018. His first single and debut was a double release with singles ”Faijas kyselee” and ”Stadii junal”. DeezyDavid is also known from Cledos’ debut single ”Töis”.

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Gracias x DeezyDavid
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