Juno is a Finnish rapper with almost a 20-year career behind him. Juno started his solo career already in 2000 and has gone on to release 11 solo albums and EPs, some self-published and some through labels. In 2005 he took part in Rap’s Finnish Championships, finished in 3rd place and a few years later sat on the jury. 

His first release through a label, a 13-track project titled 13, was released in 2008 while the sixth, and newest, full length album Katumuksen sakramenti just a month ago. During the years, Juno has worked with artists such as Pyhimys, JVG, Kube, Paleface and Gracias. Besides his solo projects and guest appearances, Juno has been a part of music groups such as Hulabaloo, SMC Lähiörotat and Elokuu. He was also starring in the award winning drama movie Pahan kukat.

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