The record label founded by Eevil Stöö in 2018 will bring Katakombi’s artists such as Eevil Stöö himself, DJ Kridlokk and KoksuKoo to the same stage.

In its short period of existing, Katakombi has actively published new music. Stöö’s EP ”Internetil ei oo tunteit” was released in February and was now followed by Stöö’s and KoksuKoo’s full-length album ”Saattaa olla ninja”. The new album by the duo who’s also behind the famous ”Fuck Vivaldi” -album includes the already existing singles plus ten new tracks with featuring acts such as Versace Henrik, Bizi and Kube.

In between Stöö’s projects, Katakombi has released DJ Kridlokk’s third solo album ”Silius”, five years after his latest one. From the 11-track record, only ”Varaani” and ”T-800” were earlier released as singles. 

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