Kube (Jussi Hauta-aho) is known as a trendsetter for Finnish rap music. His style is inspiring especially the young generation of rappers. This always up-to-date and revitalized artist released his latest album ”All Jucci” in 2018 and also co-EP’s with Eevil Stöö and NCO.

Kube, who has been making rap for a decade, has been growing his popularity continuously.  This Vantaa-based rapper released his first studio album called “Lentokonetila” in 2013 and been working with Monsp Records since that. In recent years, he has also been on recordings of the biggest rap artists in Finland. The collaborative list includes Cheek, Elastinen and JVG.

Kube not only writes his rap, but also produces most of his own backgrounds. In spring 2019 he founded his own record label called Killah Records and released the label’s first single “Wussup”.

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