The hiphop trio Mouhous is formed by SuperDuve, Monako and Van Hegen. The guys might be familiar from other projects; SuperDuve was a part of Korstoraatio, Monaco was known from Area 52 and solo projects such as ”Mona Lisa” and Van Hegen, also listed in Luokka 18’ with nine other promising Finnish acts, has featured in songs by artist such as Gettomasa and Joosu J. The group that combines modern sounds with twisted lyrical thematics is signed to Etenee Records. 

Their first release in 2017 was a six-track EP called ”Crackstreetboys”. For the past few years, Mouhous has been releasing smash singles and music videos after another, and for example their songs ”Hellafly” and ”Leposyke 300” are certified gold. In 2018, they tried a bit more punk-like sounds with a single called ”Valvon”. Back to the normal ”Mouhous-sound”, their newest release from January called ”Äänii” is by their own words reflecting their thoughts with all the schedules and deadlines. 

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