The hiphop trio Mouhous, formed by SuperDuve, Monako and Van Hegen combines modern sounds with twisted lyrical thematics. Mouhous’ first release in 2017 was a six-track EP called Crackstreetboys that includes the gold-certified single ”Hellafly”. In 2018, after the debut EP and a few released singles, they put out a 6-track project called Late Check-Outs and have went on to publish one single after another. In February 2020 they put out their debut album, I Hate Mouhous, that includes songs such as  “Poikien vessa” that features another Blockfest-artist costee, “Äänii” and “Sori en oo pahoillani”.

Each member is also known from other projects; SuperDuve was a part of Korstoraatio, Monako was known from Area 52 and solo projects such as ”Mona Lisa” and Van Hegen has featured for artists such as Gettomasa and Joosu J.

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