PastoriPike is known from his unique style, energetic live performances and songs that have been streamed millions of times on Spotify alone. Before his solo career, Pike was a part of rap group Pastorit, later known as PSRT, alongside his friends Joonatan Palm and Prinssi Jusuf. The group released three albums before deciding to have a break in 2016.

After working with Mikael Gabriel for a while, Pike was signed as one of the first acts to his record label Tasoi Records. His first single, ”Bulifleim” was released in 2016. He continued touring with Mikael Gabriel and by that time many got to know his capturing and charismatic live performance. In 2017, Pike’s debut EP ”AITO G” was released. The seven-track EP features artists such as Gracias and VilleGalle. Last year, he released two new singles ”Ines ft. Stig Dogg” and ”PAPIPIKE”.

The  31-year old artist, who often calls himself a visionary, has also his own clothing line Hullutyyli which is inspired by his roots from Kongo.

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