Representing the Northern Finland, Stepa, this ambitious but sympathetic rapper has a career that’s been taking him around Finland for over a decade. Stepa released his first studio album “MC” in 2008. After two records released through Joku Roti Records, he moved over to Monsp Records. Stepa has been featuring many other artists (like JVG, Gettomasa, Reino Nordin) and he has released co-work album called “…ja naksuvat luupit” with Are in 2012. Previous album called “Henget” was released in 2017.

At the moment, Stepa is working on a unique project called “Unelmien teatteri“, which is very important for rapper himself. It is a combination of three different EP’s, total of 15 new songs from different kind of genres. Unelmien teatteri will be released during the Spring of 2019, with the first part “Unelmien Teatteri, Vol. 1” out already. Stepa told that the production of these songs took him way back to the times where everything was new, open-minded, and the most importantly, fun. “Life is meant to be fun and that is what Unelmien teatteri is“, he says.

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