Uzi Boys


Bizi, TIPPA and william are Uzi Boys. Their first special appearance as a band will be at Blockfest 2021. Stay tuned for more!

PME Records protege Bizi creates elegantly smooth Finnish R&B with real stories and passion behind the music. The up-and-coming future star has already collaborated with names like JVG, ABREU, Cledos, Kube, ibe, Eevil Stöö and many others.

The Platinum selling artist TIPPA was one of the pioneers of Finnish trap scene. Now he’s on a whole different vibe as a solo artist, doing more of a rock-inspired material. Bizi and TIPPA have already done several tracks (including an EP) together.

william is one of the hottest new acts in Finland. His collaboration with US artist Clever, a track called Penelope, was the biggest hit in Finland 2020. His debut album “Shakespeare” was released last Fall and now it’s time for william’s second album “Boy Wonder”.

Uzi Boys
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