Versace Henrik


Making his way through SoundCloud, Versace Henrik is representing the new generation of Finnish hiphop artists. In 2018, after he lost tens of songs with two millions streams as his materials were deleted from SoundCloud, he was signed to Eevil Stöö’s record label Katakombi. He also released a punk-record ”Vanha testamentti” under the name HENRIK!.

Versace Henrik is known to be a energetic and surprising live performer. Besides his own materials, the active artist has been featuring in songs by e.g. Cledos, IBE and MELO. Being complimented by his own idols such as Eevil Stöö and TIPPA, he was also interviewed for Yle’s RäpID show’s trap-episode with other Finnish trap artists.

The Blockfest-gig is the only rap-performance for Versace Henrik this summer.

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Versace Henrik
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