The Helsinki-based rapper Yeboyah became one of the most promising artists already in 2017 with her self-published debut single “Broflake”. Her studies in classical piano and gigs as a DJ for e.g. Sini Sabotage eventually led to her making her own music. After “Broflake” and few guest appearances she released her debut EP Elovena in July 2019. She also released a visual EP together with other Finnish influencers of equality that strongly supports the musical story. Besides her own materials, Yeboyah has also featured for artists such as Gasellit, Dilemma and Pesso

Like another Blockfest-performer F, Yeboyah was also a part of D.R.E.A.M.G.I.R.L.S -rap show. The young artist with a distinct and strong live presence has already performed at some of the biggest festivals in Finland and sold-out clubs. She is currently running a weekly radio show on YleX together with Renaz and Wekesa.

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