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  • Blockfest is full cashless! RFID-wristband is the only way to pay at the festival.
  • You can top-up your wristband with card or Pivo app online OR at the venue via cash and card.
  • After the festival, you can apply for refund – with 1€ transaction fee.
  • The refund process is ongoing until September 4th, 2019. We will not be able to process any subsequent requests for refunds. Please contact us by this date if you have not received your money back.
  • The Cashless operator of Blockfest is worldwide functioning PlayPass.


Register your cashless account and ticket here. With cashless account you can top-up your wristband, see all the transactions and get your receipts.


The wristband exchange will be held on the week before festival and also during the both festival days. More info soon here. Every ticket will be changed to a cashless wristband.


You need to top-up your cashless account / wristband, to use it for paying. We recommend you to top-up online to get an automatic refund for your money.

There is also possibility to top-up at the venue with cash and card. You will found the top-up areas from Blockfest-map with €-signs.


Any money left unused shall be returned under the following conditions:

• You can not apply for refunds below EUR 1. Refunds do have a EUR 1 transaction fee.
• Refund period is open until 20th of September.

Refund process is open until 4th of September – click here.


• Online top-ups: Your funds left on your account that are purchased online with a Pivo or debit card will automatically be returned back to you no later than two weeks after the end of the event. If you have top-upped with a credit card, the refund will be credited to a balance or credit card.


• Top-ups made in the venue: Your money left on your account, top-upped on-site by cash or card, requires that you fill in the return form from the Blockfest site.

• The manual refund application time is 21.8.-4.9.2019. When the refund form is confirmed, the refund will be processed weekly within the application deadline. The funds will be returned to the account within 7 business days of processing the application.

What is cashless?

Cashless is a payment system that makes transactions inside the event faster and easier. You will have a wristband to which you can charge the amount of money that you plan to spend and use it at any bar, shop or food truck inside the event area. At the end of your visit you’ll be able to recover the remaining balance onsite or online.

Our cashless system is provided by PlayPass, which is operating worldwide with a years of experience of cashless solutions.

Is cashless safe?

Yes, your wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes it impossible to copy or steal the money and all the information stored on it – if you don’t lost it. So, make sure the wristband is properly tightened – contact the information desk if you notice that your wristband is lost or you have any other questions.


Where do I get my wristband?

You’ll receive your wristband when you scan your ticket at the entrance area of the event. Keep your ticket with you just in case.

I ordered the wristband. When do I get it at home? Should I do something with it?

The wristbands will be delivered at the turn of July and August. If the wristband is damaged, it has not arrived to the mailing address by 9.8. or there is any other problems, SEND E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY to kotiinkuljetus@blockfest.fi. Only pre-announced wristbands can be replaced on a case-by-case basis.

If you download money in advance, please note that you will need to request cash activation at checkout before your first purchase. Use the wristband chip at any cashier’s terminal for a long time, or ask the seller to do it for you.

What can I buy with my wristband?

Inside the event, your wristband is the only accepted payment method. You can use it at every bar, shop, food truck and facilities service in the event area.

Is my wristband water resistant?

Yes, sun and rain are not a problem for your wristband. You can also go to sauna – of course!

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Losing your wristband is like losing your wallet and your ticket, so remember to tighten your wristband properly to your wrist or keep your card safe in your pocket. In case of loss or theft, you can go to the InfoPoint and ask for a new one with your original ticket. NOTE: your new wristband won’t have any of the money you had on your previous wristband.

Please note, that you can close the wristband via PlayPass account if you already made it with your ticket or wristband.


How can I register my personal account online?

On the homepage of your cashless account, you can see two options: login or sign up, click “Sign up!”. Choose the email address you’d like to have linked to your ticket/personal account. Choose a memorable password and confirm by clicking “sign-up”.

Fill in all the required information to set up your personal account, accept the Terms & Conditions and confirm.

How can I link my ticket to my personal account?

First, register cashless account, and link your ticket to the account.

Tiketti: You need to link the ticket with a serial number, which is consisted of: thirteen (13) numbers

Ticketmaster: You need to link the ticket with a serial number, which is consisted of: nine (9) characters. Please note that there can be special characters and empty spaces for example at serial number. *-characters at the beginning and end of serial number are NOT part of it.

I registered online but didn’t receive the confirmation email?

If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, check in your SPAM folder as it may have ended up there. If not found in the SPAM folder and doesn’t arrive after several minutes, send an email to our customer service and we will get back to you asap.

How to add separate Friday and Saturday tickets?

It is not possible to add more than one ticket to your account. If you need to register multiple tickets please create as many accounts as necessary using a different email address for each of them. Only one ticket can be linked per email address.

Another option is to come to Info desk during the event and ask for us to combine your tickets.

How can I register my account during the event?

If you’re already inside the event and you don’t have a ticket number, you can still register using the serial number (the longer one) that you can find on the back of your wristband.

My child is coming to event and I would like to monitor the spending of the money. Can I make an account for this?

Visitors under the age of 18 may give their parents the right to create an account for themselves, or similarly give them permission to sign in and use the account features. Please note that you can sign up for only one account with one ticket.

You can download money to your child through an account or alternatively they can deal with recharging points in the area, using card and cash. Please note that the automatic refunds will be based on the payment card used and the area downloads will be applied to the account after the transaction.


How do I put money into my wristband?

You can charge your wristband online before and during the event or at any top-up point inside the event area. If you want to charge online, go to your cashless account and make a top-up via card or Pivo. At area, you can use our top-up stations with cash and card.

Keep in mind that you’ll need your ticket number in order to register and start topping up your wristband. If you prefer to charge onsite, go to any top-up booth and pay in cash or by card.

What are the different options for online top-up?

The homepage of your personal account will show you all the top-up options, which can include different bundles and products. When you choose a top-up, you can also decide if you want it to be a one-time manual top-up or an automatic one. Manual top-ups are a one-time payment that charge your wristband with the selected amount: if you run out of credit during the event, you’ll have to top-up again online or onsite.

You can use your card or Pivo to top-up online.

What’s an automatic top-up?

Automatic top-ups are automatically renewed each time your balance goes below zero during the event. You can enable this option in your personal account when doing top-up with card – if you’re running out of money during the payment, cashier will ask you to confirm the automatic top-up to complete the order. 

Can I top-up multiple wristbands with the same account?

No, both the account and your wristband are personal and you can have only one single wristband related to each account. If you need to top-up multiple wristbands, please create as many accounts as necessary using a different email address for each of them.

How much should I charge into my wristband?

You can charge your wristband with the amount that you want, but we suggest you to put enough money for your entire visit, as this will allow you to save time in queues and avoid having to go back to the top-up point again if you run out of credit.

The maximum amount accepted on the wristband is €5000 at a time.

Can I see my current balance somewhere? 

Yes. Please sign for cashless account here, if you haven’t done it yet. You can use the site for checking your balance and transactions. Please note, that the network might be bit buggy and there can be some delays because of that in Ratina.

You can also check your balance at the cashier – just scan your wristband to POS without ordering anything to see your current balance, or ask to cashier to check it for you.

What happens if I don’t have enough credit on my wristband?

If the balance on your wristband is too low, you won’t be able to pay. The operator will ask you to go to top-up at any of the top-up booths and will indicate the one closest to you. To avoid queues, you can top-up online too in your personal account. And if you selected an automatic top-up online, you’ll never need to top-up during the event, as your balance will update automatically.

What if I have doubts about my balance?

At each location and before/after each transaction you can check the remaining balance on your wristband. If you have doubts about any past transaction, you can turn to your personal account for this or ask the transaction history from customer service mail.  


How do I recover unspent balance?

If you did only top-ups via web, you will get an automatic refund for your remaining money. If you used manual top-ups, you can request a refund through an online refund form which will be updated here after the festival.

Fill this form by 4th of September for unspent balance top-upped on-site.

IMPORTANT: Remember to keep your wristband with you when you leave the event. You will need it to ask for your online refund.

How can I get an online refund?

If you have remaining money, which you top-upped in top-up points, you need to fill refund from after the festival. Please make note that the processing time with these kind of refunds usually takes up to two weeks after the form is paid. See more from Terms & Conditions

Why does your refund page show a balance lower than it was?

The refund system will automatically calculate the correct refundable balance. The money that you received for free as an incentive or a gift cannot be refunded.

Where can I find a list of all items paid for?

In your personal account you can find a history of all the items you paid for during the event.

NOTE: sometimes due to connectivity issues of the devices used in the event, there might be a delay in updating the transaction history that you see online or at the InfoPoint. In this case, please wait until the end of the day to get your confirmed transaction history.

I’ve filled in the refund form with the incorrect bank details

No worries! Send an email with your bank details and your wristband number to the support email address and we’ll adjust the details for you!


How can I pay with my wristband? 

After you have top-upped some money into your wristband, you can use it for paying.

1. Place your order to cashier
2. Check the value of order from cashier
3. Scan your wristband in POS to accept the order

Ask first for balance check from cashier, if you have any problems with your wristband.

I ordered the wristband via Posti and top-upped some money. Do I need to do anything else? 

Great – you need just to activate your online balance! Just follow the entrance information and walk in. Go to any cashier on venue and ask them to activate your balance. You need to do one balance check in POS machine to complete it – just make a long hold in machine and you’re done.

Can I sell my ticket? 

Well, then you’re going to miss Blockfest! So no. OK, if it has to be done – do not link your ticket. If you did it already, do not top up any money on your account.

If you already did that one too, go to settings at cashless site and from the Settings make an account transfer to the new owner.

If you downloaded money to your account and the ticket linked to it, you will not receive it back at this time.

Will I certainly get in with a ticket sold by third party?

You may not. For example, PDF tickets are easy to reprint and sell to multiple people. If you decide to buy a Blockfest ticket from private person, you do so at your own risk. Also check out: http://liputon.fi (only in Finnish).

How can I find my receipts? 

You need to make a cashless account to get your receipts. Please do it before the festival – if you lost your wristband without linking it, sorry – no can do.

How to get deposits from cans and bottles? 

You can (and should) return cans and wine bottles to Pant tents; please note that professional “deposit shopping” is prohibited. You can return only 5 cans at a time. You can’t get refunds in clear cases, where you have collected more deposits than you have bought.

Anything else? Drop a message (info@blockfest.fi) and tell us! 

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