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Hailing from South East London, D-Block Europe is a hip-hop collective consisting of school friends Adam Nathaniel “Young Adz” Williams and Ricky Earl “Dirtbike LB” Banton. The collective was born in 2014 when the legendary hip-hop artist Jadakiss signed Young Adz as the European spokesperson for D-Block, a record label founded in 2003. During 2015–2016 the collective focused solely on creating music and figuring out future plans. The collective had two other members in its early days, Aero Sinc and KB, who dropped out before the first official releases by D-Block Europe.

The breakthrough hits “Trap House” and “Large Amount” were released in 2017 followed by a pivotal debut solo mixtape “Home Alone” featuring the hit “Kitchen Kings” in 2019. D-Block Europe are now considered one of the UK’s most successful hip-hop collectives, selling out arenas and topping charts on a regular basis. Their style and flow are influenced by hip-hop and trap music mixed with smooth auto-tune, catchy hooks, and honest lyrics.

Six albums in the Top 10 of UK’s official album charts, countless collaborations with artists such as Lil Baby, Central Cee, Raye, Offset, Raye, and Aitch, and hundreds of millions of streams – D-Block Europe are dominating the game. Check out D-Block Europe’s music, socials, and to picks by Blockfest team below

D-Block Europe – Trap House

D-Block Europe – Large Amounts

D-Block Europe – Kitchen King

D-Block Europe – UFO

D-Block Europe – Home P*ssy

D-Blockfest Europe – Overseas



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