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Destroy Lonely makes every flex feel like an adventure. Fusing colorful melodies with labyrinthine flows and playful braggadocio, the Atlanta rapper has built a career by pushing himself to try new things—and pushing at rap’s boundaries in the process. The 22-year-old weaves together video-game synths, elastic vocals, off-kilter rhythms, and his inborn mystique and charisma to craft stylish soundtracks for a high-wire lifestyle that’s getting more luxurious by the day. His daring approach is on fuller display than ever on “NOSTYLIST,” the mesmerizing first single from NO STYLIST, his debut mixtape on Playboi Carti’s record imprint Opium.

With a fan base that grows every day, Lonely understands his position—and the gift of a platform. In July 2022, he hit the stage to perform in front of thousands at Rolling Loud Miami. And soon he’s hitting the road with Ken Carson’s X-Man Tour after making a typically charismatic appearance on Carson’s single “MDMA” earlier last year.

NO STYLIST will give fans a lot more to be grateful for. It’s composed of nimble flows and all the mellifluous half-sung lyrics that propelled Lonely to stardom, but the rhymes are more decisive, the soundscapes more pristine, and the identity even more distinct. It’s another evolution of Destroy Lonely, an artist who’s made his name off of never slowing down, never being content


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Destroy Lonely
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