Fabe, a Finnish-Iranian rapper and singer born in Tampere, Finland, mixes trap, R&B vibes, deep topics and melancholic beats for a unique sound. He was discovered by a wider audience back in 2018 after he self-published a double single “Hulluks / Kauas”. From that moment, Fabe started his journey towards bigger stages.

Fabe signed with Epic Records and soon after released his long awaited debut album “Ongelmalapsi” (2022). The album went straight to number 1 on Finland’s official album chart. In addition to millions of streams, Fabe has collaborated with several successful Finnish artists such as Sexmane, Mikael Gabriel, JVG, MD$ and Pihlaja. Nuff said, we can only predict a promising future for the artist. This will be Fabe’s first solo performance at Blockfest. Check out Fabe’s music and socials below.


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