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In the Summer of 2021, Ken Carson released his full-length debut ‘Project X’, which marked a turning point in his career. For years, the Atlanta native sharpened his skills in melodic rap, culminating in a deal with Playboi Carti’s OPIUM Records/Interscope in 2019. However, Ken has evolved rapidly in the past few years.

Having made music since he was 13, the Atlanta native eventually cut his first track Geeked Up, which showed his promise as a burgeoning young act. In 2018 Ken began his talks with Playboi Carti, inking a deal with Carti’s OPIUM Records in 2019. As the pandemic raged into 2020, Ken took it as an opportunity to up the ante, releasing a series of EP’s, including ‘Boy Barbie’, ‘Lost Files’ and ‘Teen X’, the latter of which featured “Yale,” which cracked 13.5 million streams on Spotify alone. Ken kept the momentum going into 2021, re-upping ‘Teen X‘ with ‘Teen X: Relapsed’, ‘Lost Files 2’, and his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Project X’, marking a gradual shift in Ken’s sound, tempering his signature melodic rap delivery with more lyrically driven songs that centred around storytelling. The album’s lead single “Rock N Roll” continues to make its rounds, as the music video is an electrifying psychedelic trip, complete with vivid animations and out of body experiences.


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