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Venetia, the Finnish Dj Khaled, represents a new kind of approach to the music scene that has not been seen in Finland before. Venetia’s story began with a meme site, which later evolved into club nights and entire studio albums. What makes Venetia’s artist concept fresh and unique is that although he acted as the publisher of his albums, he has not produced nor appeared in any of the songs as an artist. Instead, his role has purely been the executive producer of the projects, whose main focus is bringing together promising producers with various artist.

Venetia’s self-titled debut studio album was released in May 2022. The project started with demos sent in by emerging new artists, from which Venetia gathered no fewer than 28 artists of different ages and styles to be featured on the album. Apart from a few already known names such as FETTI, SAFIRA and Yacine, the project was based on highlighting up-and-coming artists. The album features new artists such as WavyDave, JACQUES, glögmann, BABYNEO, PIETRO, Seteli oscar, Sapphire and Aadam Lucas. The project was produced by Andrea, ALTO, Flare, Kris, LUKAS, Tix and Thomaz.

As an exclusive live show, Venetia introduces the following artists on Blockfest’s stage: FETTI, BABYNEO, JACQUES, SMURDHY, glögmann, Kunta and LukaBo. Check out the music of the artists brought together by Venetia below.


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Venetia Special
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