Blockfest is a cashless festival. All purchases within the festival area, from drinks to food and other products, are made with a personal payment wristbands. The wristband is also used for access to the festival area according to purchased ticket type.

Blockfest wristband is the only payment method within the festival area. Money can be uploaded to the wristband both online and inside the festival area.

Blockfest = cashless

  • All tickets are exchanged to wristbands (including one day tickets). Wristbands grant you access to and from the festival area, via a security checkpoint.
  • Wristbands speed up services in the festival area, improve health and safety by minimizing contacts and prevents misuse.
  • By creating a personal Cashless Account, money can be uploaded onto the wristband both online and in the festival area
  • Blockfest wristband is the only payment method within the festival area.
  • If delivery of the wristband is included in your ticket type or you have purchased such a service for the 2020 or 2021 event, please ensure the delivery address on file is correct.
  • Tickets purchased from Tiketti must be updated according to instructions provided by Blockfest and Tiketti. Instructions will be sent to all ticket holders via email by Tiketti. Additionally, instructions for ticket update are communicated in Blockfest’s channels. Please update wristband delivery address and/or ticket holder’s information upon ticket update.
  • The delivery address for tickets purchased from Ticketmaster can be updated in the My Account section on Ticketmaster’s webpage.

Please follow this page for more information, as this page is updated regularly during the festival season.

Blockfest’s cashless operator is Weezevent, which operates all around the world.