Blockfest is cashless! All purchases within the festival area, from drinks to food and other products, are made with a personal payment wristbands. The wristband is also used for access to the festival area according to purchased ticket type.

Blockfest wristband is the only payment method within the festival area. Money can be uploaded to the wristband both online and inside the festival area.

Blockfest’s cashless operator is Weezevent, which operates all around the world.

Blockfest = cashless

  • All tickets are exchanged to wristbands (including one day tickets). Wristbands grant you access to and from the festival area, via a security checkpoint.
  • Wristbands speed up services in the festival area, improve health and safety by minimizing contacts and prevents misuse.
  • By creating a personal Cashless Account, money can be uploaded onto the wristband in advance online via payment cards (Visa, Mastercard) and in the festival area with cash, payment cards, or online.
  • Any remaining balance of over 2.50 € on the wristband can be requested to be returned after the event.


Create your personal cashless account before the event! With a personal account you can upload money onto your wristband and track your purchases.

Once you have created a personal cashless account, please add your entrance ticket serial number or the six digit code behind the wristband’s chip to finalize your account.

WeezPay widget

Cashless mobile app




Paying with the wristband is like contactless payments – only instead of a payment card, you tap your wristband! Only handheld payment terminals are used at all booths and are used by vendors to accept payments.


  1. Place your order with a vendor
  2. Pay for your order by placing your wristband on the payment terminal for as long as the payment goes through

If for any reason your payment does not go through, please try again – the scanning of your wristband needs to be long enough. Please ensure you have enough balance on your wristband to complete your purchase.

Receipts from all purchases are collected on the chip in your wristband. If you have created a personal cashless account, you can track all your purchases through the account. If you have not created an account, you may do so with your e-mail address and the six digit code stated on your wristband. Please see “Personal Cashless Account” on this page for further information.


If your ticket category includes home delivery for your wristband, the wristband is delivered to the address given when the ticket is purchased (tickets from Ticketmaster) or to the address given during ticket update (tickets from Tiketti). Have you sold your ticket that includes home delivery? Please ensure you deliver the wristband to the ticket purchaser personally.


If you purchased home delivery with your ticket, please follow the instructions given. To ensure a smooth access to the festival area, please also note the following:

  • All wristbands are personal. If for some reason you are not able to attend the festival, please carefully read through our info page, cashless instructions, and FAQs.
  • Attach your wristband on the DAY OF THE EVENT to your left wrist. Please ensure you can fit two fingers between the wristband and the wrist. Please ensure the wristband is attached tightly by pulling on the ends of the wristband. The wristband cannot be loosened afterwards. If necessary, please ask someone for help.
  • If your wristband is damaged during delivery, it has not arrived by 16-August-2022, or you have any other issues, PLEASE EMAIL in advance. Only issues reported in advance can be replaced if necessary.


Exchange your Blockfest ticket into a wristband in advance at Ratina Shopping center the week leading up to the event or at Sori Square during the event. See more here.

Please bring your entrance ticket and a valid ID to the wristband exchange. A valid ID is required for age limit control – screen shots are not acceptable. The wristband is attached directly to your wrist and is personal. You may not collect anyone else’s wristband. 

HOX! Please ensure to bring a valid ID with you. If you have two separate entrance tickets (e.g. separate tickets for Friday and Saturday), please bring both tickets to the wristband exchange. The two tickets are then combined to a single wristband. 


Money must be uploaded onto the wristband to make purchases. Please note, the wristband is the only method of payment in the festival area.

We recommend you upload money onto your wristband online. You can upload money online prior to the event and any remaining balance of over 2.50 € will be returned automatically after the event. If money is uploaded in the festival area at one of the designated money top-up booths, returning of the remaining balance has a 1 € transaction fee. Balances under 2.50 € cannot be returned. Online money top-up is available throughout the event.

When uploading money online, you may use debit and credit cards as well as Mobilepay. Upload money to your personal cashless account.

Money top-up is also available within the festival area. Three designated money top-up booths are marked in the festival area map with a €-icon. Cash and payment cards are accepted in the top-up booths.


If you have uploaded money onto your wristband online, any remaining balance of over 2.50 € will be returned automatically after the event. The returns are processed within two weeks of the event. You do not need to separately request for the balance to be returned.

If you uploaded money onto your wristband at one of the money top-up booths, you may request the remaining balance to be returned via your cashless account. The request must be made by 4-September-2022. All returns are processed from 21-August to 4-September-2022 after automatic money returns are completed. Requests arriving after this date cannot be processed, excluding instances relating to payment providers. Remaining balance is returned within seven business days after processing the request. Money returns have a transaction fee of 1 euro.

Bottle deposit returns

You may return cans and wine bottles that you have purchased to designated bottle deposit booths, where the bottle deposit is added to your wristband. Please note, we do not accept large amounts of cans and bottles at once – specific bottle collection is not allowed. Money directly related to bottle collection and deposits is not returned after the event.

Online money top-up return not visible? If you have uploaded money online with a credit card, the remaining balance is returned as credit balance or in your credit card bill. In other instances the return is made directly to your account, card balance, or as a separate refund. If necessary, please contact  Please include:

  • Total sum and date of the transaction
  • Your full name
  • Last four digits of your payment card

Any other issues? Please contact us at


Credit card payments

Cards accepted: Visaa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Debit Mastercard. You may also use international payment cards with the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode certificates.

K2 Entertainment/Blockfest is the payment receiver stated on your payment card bill and will transmit the payment to the vendor in question. Purchases by payment cards are completed with secure payment forms and no information is stored in the system.