Tickets purchased from Tiketti must be updated for 2022

Tickets purchased from Tiketti must be updated according to the instructions provided. In the past couple of years, many of you have moved addresses and tickets have already been shared among friends. There can be refunded and saved tickets in the same orders. By updating your tickets, you ensure that you are the owner of the ticket, regardless of who the ticket purchaser is, and at the same time provide us with up-to-date contact information for possible wristband delivery.

Instructions for updating tickets:

  1. tickets will be updated at
  2. take out your ticket, you will need the ticket codes
  3. enter the ticket codes in the field provided in the URL above. You can enter several codes at once.
  4. select the event for which you are updating tickets. Please note that tickets can only be upgraded to the equivalent 2022 festival tickets. If you have 2-day tickets, you can only upgrade them to two-day tickets.
  5. after the ticket codes, enter your contact information in the fields provided.
  6. if you are the original purchaser of the tickets and your information corresponds to the original order, you will receive the updated tickets in your email immediately.

If you are not the original subscriber of the tickets, we will send an inquiry to the original purchaser as to whether the tickets can be updated for you. NOTE. Tiketti always works according to the original purchaser’s wishes and can only respond to inquiries about tickets to their purchaser.

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