Update on the Blockfest ticketing policy!

The first Blockfest 2022 performers will be announced soon. There will be a number of top international names as well as some of the most exciting local artists, in the form of an all-time line-up. If you want to ensure your entry to an already sold-out event and the end of next year’s amazing festival summer, we recommend you hold on to your tickets. Ticket sales for next year’s festival will open later this autumn and only returnable tickets will be released for sale, at a higher price than today.

Tickets purchased for this year’s event will still be available next summer from 19-20 August 2022, so please keep the tickets you purchased and read the updated event terms and conditions here.

If the new date doesn’t fit your plans and you want to return the ticket you bought, you can do so from next Wednesday 1 September on the Tiketti or Ticketmaster website. You can apply for a refund until 30 September. After that date, no refunds, exchanges or transfers will be processed. . // For the purposes of this paragraph, please refer to the Ticket Office’s own practical instructions

Please also note that prices for all ticket types will increase with the higher quality and more international programming. So if the dates for next summer’s Blockfest fit your calendar, keeping your tickets will save you some serious money. The age limit for Blockfest in 2022 is also K18.

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Can the ticket be used the following year?

Tickets purchased are valid for next summer’s Blockfest. Please read these pages and follow our social media channels for more information as soon as possible.

I want to return the ticket. What do I do?

Ticket returns will start on 1.9.2021 and can be made until 30.9.2021. Please refer to Tiketti or Ticketmaster’s own instructions on how to return your tickets, depending on where you bought them.

How long will it take to get my money back?

Ticket brokers process refund requests on a daily basis and will to handle the refund as soon as possible.

I will be 18 next year. Can I attend the event?

Blockfest 2022 is for +18 year-olds only. To be eligible to attend the event, you must be 18 years of age or older by August 19, 2021 and have legal documentation to prove it.

I have purchased a ticket for Friday. Can I exchange it for a two-day ticket for next year?

It is not possible to exchange or upgrade tickets at the moment.

I want to keep my ticket. I ordered home delivery for my wristband, but I have moved to a new address. What should I do?

For separately ordered home delivery and all special tickets (Exclusive, Flex), the wristband will be posted as originally ordered. We will inquire about any address changes closer to next year’s event.

I have purchased my tickets from a third party. Can I get my money back for this?

Please contact the seller you bought your tickets from. The festival and ticket companies are not responsible for tickets purchased from third parties for refunds.

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