The Covid-19 situation has really improved in Finland and especially in Pirkanmaa during the summer. Because of this, we’ve waited, planned and explored our possibilities together with multiple authorities before making any decisions.

Despite all the different scenarios we’ve examined, we’ve come to the conclusion that in the current conditions we cannot provide the event or the experiment our loyal customers deserve. Responsibility is something we take for granted every year but the current policies, effective throughout August, would force us into compromises that are too big. Considering these policies, Blockfest could not be called Blockfest and the festival would not meet the standard of quality we want to provide.

– This decision is based on several obstacles, one of them being the policy that each customer has to have a seat beside a table or equivalent stand. This is valid when in a licensed area. And if we would have taken out the age restriction, we would no more meet the requests made by our customers but instead increase the un-wanted queuing. In addition, the details considering the traveling of our US artists with all quarantine restrictions, few connecting flights etc. created challenges for this summer, festival director Kalle Kallonen commented.

– Our goal was to enable the event, as the traditional ending of the summer that it is, but also to support the event industry and the professionals, whether on stage or behind the scenes. We’re especially sorry for all the artists, partners, employees and the festival visitors. We certainly had the willpower to do everything we can to make Blockfest happen.

On the bright side, we can now tell you that Blockfest will happen again in 2021 and will be the culmination of the upcoming festival summer! The tickets bought for 2020 will automatically be valid next year. We will announce the dates for 2021, first artists and ticket policies as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

All actions regarding tickets purchased for 2020 will be made with the original place of purchase (Tiketti or Ticketmaster). Please be patient and wait for our instructions before contacting them.

Can I use my already purchased ticket for 2021? Yes! The ticket you have already purchased is automatically valid for 2021. No extra actions required here.

I want to return my ticket. What do I need to do? The returning process will start from 21th of August to 20th of October. In addition to our upcoming instructions, please see Tiketti’s or Ticketmaster’s own guidelines depending on you place of purchase.


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