Founded in 2008, Blockfest grew in a short period of time from a club environment into Ratina’s open-air milieu and is currently the biggest hiphop festival in Nordic countries. The event has been sold out already in advance twelve times in a row. It is a five-time nominee in the national Industry Awards gala.

In previous years, the following acts have been performing at Blockfest among others: Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Nas, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone, Suicideboys, Migos, Lil Wayne, G-Eazy, Juice WRLD, Mobb Deep, Jaden Smith, Ferg, Big Sean, Tyga, T.I, Young Thug, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Skepta, Bun B, Clipse, Tory Lanez, Talib Kweli and Mac Miller.

Besides the festival, Blockfest has also brought names like Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd to Finland for their very first concert in here.


The accessible entrance of Blockfest will be implemented through the Laukonsilta bridge. The assistant to a disabled person can enter the festival free of charge. This requires that both arrive to the event at the same time. Please be prepared to show your assistant card at the gates.

Assistant receives wristband from wristband exchange when customer changes his/her ticket to a wristband.


Blockfest is located right in the heart of Tampere and because of that we don’t organize any own campsite. There is a variety of hotel options in Tampere. The nearest campsite is located in Härmälä, Tampere (see route here).

Rooms for the festival weekend will be filled early in the year.  We recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance, as prices are often at their highest during the Blockfest weekend.


There is a age limit of 18 for festival.


Blockfest mobile app will be updated later on festival season.


Blockfest is a full cashless festival, which means that you will use your RFID-wristband for paying at the venue. You will get your wristband from wristband exchange during the festival days or you can change it before during the festival week.

Read more later on festival season.


Blockfest will be the neatest hip-hop festival in Nordic countries!

Blockfest strives to be the forerunner amongst the Finnish city festivals in terms of environmental issues. We want to arrange the event by allowing the least possible disturbance to the surrounding nature or to nearby residents. We’re proud of our hometown Tampere and we want to keep it as clean as possible.

The most direct environmental effects are the garbage in and outside of the festival area, in addition to the possible noise problems caused to nearby residents. We’re preventing cleanliness problems by guiding our visitors in advance through our various channels. In short, we recommend people to respect the nature while also giving tips for proper festival behavior.

We prepare the area for the festival weekend with excellent resources: there will be more toilet areas, trash cans and cleanliness employees than the authorities impose. Our dedicated project coordinator constructs an annual cleanliness plan.

Blockfest tries to control the side-effects in the nearby houses by fencing entrances to their courtyards and hiring security guards to prevent all types of possible vandalism during the weekend. Our cleanliness patrol also operates on the nearby areas as well as the festival area.

Blockfest also has its own sound specialist and technical team, that have composed a noise abatement plan taking nearby residents into account regarding the possible environmental noise. The nearby residents will be notified about the use of audio output devices in advance. We also have an impartial observer who measures and supervises that the festival will stay within the given decibel limits.

Blockfest was granted Ekokompassi tapahtuma certificate in 2015 (as the first music festival in Tampere) for its efforts on behalf of the environment.

In a nutshell: return your cans to the deposit points and clean up your garbage instead of throwing it to the ground. There will be numerous toilet areas at the festival. Respect the nearby residents by being polite. This way you will enable music events like Blockfest to be arranged in these circumstances also in the future.


Climate change is real and happening at the moment. The levels of CO2e in the air are the highest on record. Extreme weather events increased in their frequency and intensity and have a impacted the lives of many. 

As a part of Live Nation, we are working against the global climate change factors. Read more about Green Nation Sustainability Charter program here. Climate change is real and happening at the moment. The levels of CO2e in the air are the highest on record. Extreme weather events increased in their frequency and intensity and have a impacted the lives of many.

Media inquiries regarding the Sustainability Charter:

Joanna Dipple | jo.dipple(at)


The festival area is located in downtown Tampere, Finland. Tampere Stadium (also known as Ratina Stadium) and the scenic Ratinanniemi festival park will jointly form the surroundings for Blockfest 2020. High-quality restaurant services, versatile outlets and three stages full of live music will entertain you during the weekend.


It’s easy to travel to Tampere and to the festival area. Tampere Stadium serves as a great landmark at the city centre.

By car: There are several parking garages in the center of Tampere. You can find more info from the Finnpark website.

By bus: Tampere bus station is only a few hundred meters from the festival area. Check out the directions from Google Maps.

By train: When you arrive to Tampere and come out of the train station through the main doors, you can easily locate the department store Stockmann along Hämeenkatu. Continue down that street until you arrive at Keskustori and from there turn left and ascend to Laukontori. Check out the directions from Google Maps

By plane: The Tampere-Pirkkala airport is located only fifteen kilometers from the festival area. You can reach the festival area with just one bus.

Local public transport: You can find more information about the public transport system in the Tampere region through here. To order a taxi, call 0100 4131.


Accreditation for Blockfest can be found later on 2020 It is aimed at the media representatives and music industry professionals who’ll be working at the festival.

For the press purposes, please look for the media page.


Blockfest is NOT responsible for the functionality of resold (= purchased from anywhere other than Tiketti, Ticketmaster or LiputOn) tickets. The resale of tickets is prohibited in the terms of delivery of all ticket sellers. We will not deal with potential issues with resold tickets or ticket scams, excpet if we have time for that. In the event of a scam, please contact the Police directly for a criminal report.

Please note that the festival is exceptionally sold out in advance each year. Buying a ticket from outside is a risk and made by at your own risk.


Blockfest has never accepted racism and will not accept it in the future either. The festival has consistently followed the idea of bringing different kinds of visitors together by showcasing as many different aspects of the hip-hop culture as possible. Thus meaning that the lineup – both locally and globally – has been versatile since the beginning. Blockfest promotes equality, fellowship and appreciation for different cultures.

Enjoyable atmosphere and respect for other visitors are vital elements in a mass event like Blockfest. We have zero tolerance for violence and aggressive behavior. So when you arrive to the festival to have fun, please take all the other visitors into account and make sure they are able to enjoy their stay as well. Hip-hop culture unites people irrespective of age, gender, cultural background, religion or superficial factors. It DOES NOT distinguish or discriminate people.


Enquiries and other questions via email: info(at) or via Facebook Messenger. Instagram is not used for customer service.

We will update this page with more info closer to the event.




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