Etta first performed at Blockfest already in 2018 as a part of JVG‘s show with her first ever single “Ballerina”. One of the most talented young Finnish artists, Etta combines rapping and singing with ease creating unique material. She was nominated as the Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2019 by YleX, a Finnish music media, even though she had only released one single. Etta was also included in the Luokka 18 (Class of ’18) listing by Basso and HOODWATCH as one of the most promising new Finnish artists.

Let’s just say, this energetic queen has lived up to the nominations. In 2019 Etta released two EPs, “10” and “10+”, made guest appearances and had a song featured on PME’s mixtape “Volume”. Releasing more music over the year, her debut album, “Tyttö” featuring artists such as william and VilleGalle, was released in 2021. The album landed directly on the official Finnish Top 10 Album chart. Etta made history in 2022 by being the first female rap artist to reach the top spot on the Finnish Album chart with her second album “Tykkäät kummiski”. In addition to the Number One spot, the album was the most listened to album on Spotify for two weeks. Last year she was nominated as Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Rap / R’n’B, and People’s Choice Award. Not bad.

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