ibe, who has been stated to be the voice of his generation, and who made a highly anticipated return from his break from gigs, will be seen at Blockfest in 2024! Throughout his career, the artist has created an extensive catalog, and his discography includes albums such as “Ibe,” “Nonsense,” “Ibelius,” “perkele!,” “ViO,” “Non2en2e,” and most recently, the widely acclaimed “RÄPPÄRI.” 

In February 2019, ibe‘s third album, “Ibelius,” impressively reached the second position on the official Finnish charts. He received accolades such as the Newcomer of the Year at the 2019 Emma Gala and nominations in 2020 in the categories of Rap/R&B and Male Artist of the Year. In 2021, the artist’s album “perkele!” won the Rap Album of the Year award at the Emma Gala. Since then, he has gained widespread recognition with hits like “FAMOUS” and “BLONDINA.” 

The artist, whose popularity has notably soared, is described as delivering shows with a unique atmosphere, and this unique ambiance will be experienced at Ratina in the summer of 2024. 🔥 

Check out ibe‘s 2022 Blockfest gig here and grab tickets for next summer from the link below! 


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