Blockfest Survival Kit

Here’s our tips to make your festival experience a success! Please also check out our Principles for Safer Space.

Jumping around at a festival is surprisingly intense, both physically and mentally. To make sure you survive the festival in one piece, we suggest you put in extra effort when it comes to nutrition and hydration. All this before, especially during, and after the festival. You won’t regret it🤘🏼

Large crowds are expected at Blockfest, so please be prepared for queues to the festival area, food stands, bars, and bathrooms. Being mentally prepared to longer wait-times helps minimize feelings of disappointments when queues happen.

Top-tip! Let’s say your favorite artist performs on Friday at 6 PM, head to the festival area well in advance to make sure you get to the stage on time, with a henny and coke in hand. What could be better🔥

The festival area has several spots for you to relax and catch your breath. Some stands in the stadium are open for you to enjoy and don’t forget about the HAPPEE area. HAPPEE is a quieter place for those who want a moment of peace and a break from the festival hustle and bustle. To avoid crowded areas, make sure to check artists on the Street Stage, which has a smaller capacity compared to the Stadium and Park Stages.

We recommend you explore the whole festival area! Different, interesting areas are designed to serve you and your various needs🤩

New relationships, short or maybe even long term, form throughout the festival weekend, oh so glorious! At this stage, we want to remind you all to look after your friends. Make sure you know who your friend leaves with and remember to let your friends know of your adventures as well.

Address any threatening situation you may witness, wether it be your friends or a stranger, by alerting the security officials, first-aid personnel, or other support staff. The support staff is wearing light blue vests with the text “Miten menee?” written in the back of the vests. Let’s stay safe ❤️

You, and all other festival guests, have the freedom to be yourselves and attend Blockfest with no fear of discrimination, violence, harassment, or any other aggressive behavior, both mental and physical. We have zero tolerance for any inappropriate behavior.

Blockfest is for all to enjoy. It’s a safe space, a space to enjoy life, a space that unites people regardless of their age, gender, cultural background, religion, or superficial factors. Let’s take care of each other✌🏼

Personnel specialized in mental health, substance abuse, and sexual assault can be found inside the festival area throughout the whole event to support all festival guests. The personnel represent for example Pirkanmaa Mental Health Association’s Better Mind project, the City of Tampere’s Outreach Department, and Setlementti Tampere Ry’s Forward! Youth project. The support staff is wearing light blue vests with the text “Miten menee?” written in the back of the vests.

During the festival, a designated Harassment Contact Person is available by phone. Please reach out to the Harassment Contact Person in you encounter inappropriate behavior at the festival. The Harrassment Contact Person helps by listening, discussing, and by giving instructions and advice on where to get further help if needed, even after the festival. All contacts are treated confidentially, and if required, anonymously.

Harrassment Contact Person phone number +358 50 559 1285

Together we can create an unforgettable festival. Let’s do it!

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions. Jump in❤️