Information about festival accessibility can be found on this page. Please note, some information is updated only closer to the event. If you wish to receive more information about festival accessibility, please contact info(at) Please state “Accessibility information” as your message subject.


There are three entrance points to the festival area: one in front of Ratina Shopping Center, one beside the Laukontori bridge, and one reserved for Exclusive and Flex ticket holders. All entrances are accessible and paved with asphalt. We recommend using the Laukontori bridge entrance, especially when arriving with a personal assistant.

Blockfest does not provide a specific parking area adjacent to the festival area. Please see parking areas for the city center from the City of Tampere webpage.

Accessible taxi can be reached from the number 0100 4531.


Entrance to the festival area is free for personal assistants to wheelchair users and other guests requiring assistance. Specific personal assistant wristbands are distributed near the Laukontori bridge entrance. Exact location is updated closer to the event. 

Upon request, the need for a personal assistant is to be proven with and official document

If an Exclusive ticket holder requires a personal assistant, the assistant can accompany the assisted person to the Exclusive area However, exclusive dining is not included in the assistant wristbands.


Blockfest is held at Ratina Stadium and the surrounding area. The festival area is mainly paved and flat.

All Blockfest’s stages are accessible. Apart from the Stadium Stage’s specific accessible stand, there are no separate wheelchair platforms near the stages. Due to safety reasons, people with mobility impairments are not permitted in the pit area in front of stages.


The Exclusive Area consist of two levels, an upper and a lower level. There is unobstructed access to the upper level of the area, but unfortunately there is no access to the lower level for customers requiring wheelchairs. A separate area is reserved for customers with wheelchairs on the upper level of the Exclusive area, where performances on the Stadium Stage may be viewed and enjoyed.

The Exclusive area has accessible bars and bathrooms.



Accessible bathrooms can be found in all toilet zones in the festival area. The exact location will be updated closer to the event to the area map.

Blockfest recognizes and accepts Toilet Cards. The holder of a Toilet Card has the right to access, for instance, accessible bathrooms or other public bathroom facilities without queuing. We want to ensure an enjoyable festival experience for all our guests.


Audio induction loop system is not in use at Blockfest.

Performances may include pyrotechnics, smoke and flashing lights.