Our operations are guided by the framework defined by Green Nation, Live Nation’s environmental program. At Blockfest, we continue our sustainability journey after a two-year break, but already in 2022, good things are in the works. Hopefully your festival experience will be even better and more environmentally friendly!

In 2022, we will focus on establishing the metrics and building a measuring system so that we have the data to monitor, and we can target our actions where they have the greatest impact. This year, our focus is on measuring our carbon footprint so that we can take action to reduce it in the coming years. We’ll be working on this with external consultants.

Energy – Blockfest uses both the grid and generators to generate electricity. This year, we will measure the festival’s electricity consumption in kilowatt hours for both, as well as the fuel consumption for the generators. Our goal at Blockfest is to use only renewable electricity and biodiesel.

Transportation, mobility – of any event or festival comes from transportation and the movement of the public, artists and subcontractors. Most of this movement is fueled by fossil fuels and causes a significant number of emissions. Therefore, it is important to measure these accurately so that we can reduce them. This year, to calculate our carbon footprint, we are measuring mileage, fuel consumption, and modes of transportation of crew and fans. To this end, we are sending inquiries to our partners, subcontractors, and audience about how to get to the festival and distances travelled. You can help us by answering the survey sent to you! We everyone to come to the festival by public transport or by carpooling. The festival has a bike park and is within easy reach of the city center.

Waste – Tens of thousands of people generate a lot of waste over the weekend. In 2022, we will create a system with our partner Lassila & Tikanoja that will allow us to monitor the amount and types of waste generated by the festival. Once we have determined the amount of waste, we will be able to set clear goals for the festival to reduce the amount. We are also adding recycling points in the festival area. We ask our food partners to pay special attention to reducing food waste.

Plastics – we have removed disposable plastics from the festival almost completely. The only exception to this in 2022 are cups min which we serve cocktails from the bar. We are constantly looking for solutions that can replace this as well. Other drinks are available in bottles and cans included in the Palpa system, of which 93% are recycled. We only use wooden or cardboard biodegradable cutlery and utensils in our food outlets.

Water – we will create a metric to monitor water use in 2022.

Communication – we will communicate our environmental measures to our public and partners openly and transparently after the event. We are open to feedback, suggestions, and comments – tell us what we could do better! Blockfest is created together with you.

– we request our partners and subcontractors to adhere to our principles of sustainable development and together we create operating models that support our goals. In 2022, we will use surveys to gather information from our partners about their own environmental programs and measures to find effective ways to work together for sustainable development.

We use the EcoCompass certificate monitoring and reporting system to monitor the data we collect, measure the achievement of our goals and report annually on our progress We regularly update information about our sustainability measures on this page and welcome your feedback!