Sustainable development

At Blockfest, we want to create amazing experiences and contribute to sustainable development through music and community.

We are aware of our own environmental impact and are constantly working towards a more sustainable festival. Our guiding principle is to take both small and big steps and continuously improve, while engaging our partners and customers in participating together in these activities.

Our sustainability goals are guided by our parent company Live Nation’s  Green Nation charter, as well as the Ecocompass certificate. We have a responsibility to preserve the live music experience for future generations. We are working to reduce the climate and environmental impact of Blockfest, taking this opportunity to also leverage our platform to support people to take social and environmental action.

By using Blockfest’s communal and creative atmosphere, we want to motivate and inspire fans, employees, artists, partners and the entire industry to do meaningful environmental actions. As part of the principle of continuous improvement, we will honestly and transparently share information about our actions and progress on our website and invite you to join us! We are just beginning, but together we can make a big difference.