Terms & conditions

Blockfest 2023

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions.

By purchasing an event ticket to Blockfest via an official ticket retailer (Tiketti, Ticketmaster), or via a third party, you are responsible for reading and complying with the current terms and conditions of the event. Current terms and conditions for the event are stated on this page and/or official ticket retailer webpage and/or Blockfest’s applications (Cashless, mobile app or similar).  Please revise the terms and conditions closer to the event. We reserve the right to any changes in the festival program.

Please carefully read and familiarize yourself with the festival info and terms and conditions as the festival weekend approaches. All information and terms and conditions are to be complied with during the event. Please note, failure to comply with the terms and conditions may lead to ticket and wristband cancellation and removal from the festival area. Blockfest is not responsible to refund or replace tickets in such instances.

Please carefully pay attention to sections about festival age limit, safety, and forbidden items. These sections are published closer to the event.


  • Blockfest is a festival for adults only. People under 18 years of age are not permitted in the festival area in any circumstances, not even with a legal guardian. Blockfest is not obliged to return or refund any tickets purchased by or for minors. All festival guests must prove their age upon entry with an official and valid photo ID. More information about age limit monitoring practices is published closer to the event.
  • At the event, a certificate of a negative corona test, a full vaccination series or a history of the COVID 19 disease may be required from each participant, if this is prescribed by the official government guidelines.
  • Blockfest is to be considered as a ‘festival event’ and as such will not be held responsible for any changes in lineup of performers or any other changes in provided information caused by third parties.

Ticket resale / Tickets & wristbands purchased from third parties

  • We strongly recommend you only purchase tickets from authorized ticket retailers.
  • If you purchase tickets from third parties and/or other outside sources other than official ticket retailers, the purchase is at your own risk
  • Blockfest is not responsible for the functionality of resold tickets and/or wristbands
  • Blockfest does not support or monitor ticket resale but may intervene in any misuse. Please carefully read the terms and conditions from the ticket retailer
  • Blockfest tickets are not intended for marketing purposes, unless agreed upon with a written contract beforehand. Any unauthorized raffles or social media competitions may lead to ticket and wristband cancellation with no refund.
  • Liputon, a ticket resale channel by Tiketti, is the only official and reliable ticket resale channel for Blockfest tickets. Please see liputon.fi.
  • Blockfest and authorized ticket retailers have the right to intervene in situations where ticket purchase terms and conditions are not complied with. Blockfest and authorized ticket retailers have the right to cancel tickets and wristbands with no refunds or ticket replacements.

Ticket returns

  • Blockfest is not responsible for tickets purchased from third parties or their returns
  • If the Blockfest 2023 event is postponed or cancelled, tickets are eligible for return to authorized ticket retailers as per instructions provided


Please contact us at info(at)blockfest.fi