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At the beginning of this year, Ares and Bizi released an EP titled “HAHAHA”. The EP perfectly captures the fun and chemistry between the duo. Produced by Evertime, the EP includes catchy and captivating singles such as “Just tollee”, which gained attention on TikTok even before its release. With the “HAHAHA” EP, the artists kicked off a spring joint tour and will also be seen together in August! 

Ares is a new-generation artist from Vantaa, whose music combines catchy melodies with a more assertive style. Ares summed up his life so far on his debut album “Skala”, released in 2021, naming it after his father’s Greek hometown, Skala Kalloni. Signed to Rähinä Records, Ares released singles “C’est la vie” and “Olkapää” after his album. Since then, he has released singles like “Kadut ei tuu unohtaa / Kaikki saa kukat joskus”, “Noppaa”, and the collaboration single “Liikkuu” with william. A confident and energetic performer who engages with the audience during his live performances! 

Bizi, the polished messenger of modern R&B, crafts songs that are rich in stories and emotional lyrics. His EP “Ääniviesti”, released in August 2018, garnered strong attention in the Finnish music scene and sparked a new wave for Finnish R&B. Bizi’s discography includes chart-topping hits like “Draamaa” and “Sori”, a collaboration with Turisti. Bizi captivates listeners with his presence, relatable lyrics, and addictive flow. He is one of the most intriguing artists of today, and his performances never fail to leave an impression. 


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Ares & Bizi
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