Karri Koira


Karri Koira, who has made a comeback to the stages, will be seen in Ratina in the summer of 2024! 

The rapper and R&B artist first performed at Blockfest in 2012. In the same year, he gained widespread recognition with his platinum-selling debut album “K.o.i.r.a.,” featuring Finnish R&B classics like “Lähe mun kaa” and “Ne kutsuu mua koiraks.” Throughout his career, Karri Koira has been featured on numerous hits, including JVG’s “Raiders” and “Mitä sä siit tiiät (Heeeyyy).”  

In 2023, Karri Koira released new music for the first time since 2017. Skillfully blending styles of club music, “Suoraan sydämeen” became one of the most listened-to songs on Spotify in the summer, accumulating millions of streams. Most recently, Karri Koira collaborated with SHRTY on the track “EVOR.” 

A respected figure with an influential career, Karri Koira will be performing at Blockfest in August. Check out the artist’s social media and music below and grab your tickets from the link! 


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Karri Koira
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