Lyttä & Tohtori Getto


Long-time Finnish rap artists, Lyttä & Tohtori Getto, are currently focusing not only on solo material but also on their dual collaboration in terms of both performing live and creating music. 

At the end of 2020, the artists released an album together titled “Lyttä & Tohtori Getto!!”. From the same duo from Jyväskylä, a second collaborative album titled “Kaks nimee” was released on March 1, 2024. The album includes well-received singles such as “Mun maineel pt. 2” and “Kaks nimee”, as well as the focal track “Turhaa (feat. Gettomasa)”. 

This duo, which titles themselves as the new cornerstone of elegant suburban rap, joined forces in the realm of live performances during the 2022 KPC Tour. Currently, they are seen performing exclusively under the Lyttä & Tohtori Getto moniker. With insightful lyrics, solid articulation, and catchy flow, this dynamic duo crafts an impactful live performance in the realm of Finnish rap. 


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Lyttä & Tohtori Getto
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