Sliki represents a strong alternative to current mainstream rap, and his music is based on solid values and principles that he’s not afraid to express. His music is full of attitude and empowering messages that resonate with listeners. Sliki aims to evoke strong reactions in his audience, whether they be negative or positive. He’s not just an artist – he’s a story waiting to be told, inviting the listener on a journey into self-awareness and the multifaceted meaning of success.

With the “Big Money” EP released with Epic Records Finland, we heard clever punchlines merging with energetic beats and crunk-style choruses, creating explosive energy in the music. Sliki is currently working on his debut album, from which we’ve already heard three singles: “Menetän mun järjen”, “Toistoi”, and “Eiks nii”, all of which went straight to the Spotify Top-50 list. Sliki’s productions are backed by the Fountain producer collective.

Next summer marks Sliki’s first performance at Blockfest! LETSSGO


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