The pioneer of the Finnish trap wave, TIPPA, will be seen at Blockfest in the summer of 2024! 

The groundbreaking album “Nuari kukko,” soon to celebrate its 10th anniversary, served as a pivotal release in the Finnish music scene. This album propelled the genre’s popularity to new heights, a momentum that continues to grow to this day. The hit single from the album, “Mehu,” has been streamed on Spotify over 8.5 million times to date. Known for his trap beats, catchy hooks, and bold lyrics, the artist showcased a more subdued side with the stylish “TRAPPIST EP” released with Biz in the summer of 2017. 

Since then, the artist has diversified his production with a rock-infused guitar sound. The hit “Satutat mua,” which earned an Emma nomination, captivated listeners by topping Finland’s Spotify Top 50 list and landing on several radio playlists. The artist’s latest release, “Lattiast kattoon” (feat. Kube), represents a stylistic step towards his debut album—innovative production with a modern touch.  

Formerly known as Tippa-T, the artist’s live performances encompass a comprehensive package of legendary hits and the assured execution borne of experience! 


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