VJ, who was part of the Fresh’ -23, has skyrocketed to popularity in the Finnish rap scene. With Caribbean roots and a self-publishing start in music, VJ stands out by skillfully incorporating elements from various genres into his work. The artist, exuding confidence and possessing an ambitious flow, is known for singles such as “Vastustaa”, “MMM” (feat. Fabe), and “Crocodile Teeth.” VJ has also been heard featuring in many songs that have climbed the top charts, including “Liian moni” (Cledos feat. VJ) and “Lambo” (DAVI feat. VJ). 

In 2023, the artist was seen performing not only in clubs but also as part of Cledos‘s EUROTOUR, and the August 2024 performance will be VJ’s first solo gig at Blockfest.  


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