Yrjänä, real name Alvar Yrjänä Escartin, is a Finnish singer and producer who has quickly become one of the most interesting emerging names in the Finnish music scene. He is already known as a top-notch producer behind hit songs like Sexmane’s “Chillaa veli”, Yeboyah’s “Kredi” featuring NCO, and Isaac Sene’s “Kuuma jäbä”, but now it is his time to release his own material and break through as an artist.

The self-taught, multi talented artist released his debut album Sulle rakas” in February 2023. Personal vocals, honest lyrics, and strong emotions combined with top level production create an exceptional musical experience for listeners. Although Yrjänä’s singing career is just starting, he already has plenty of experience performing both at clubs and on big festival stages. The upcoming appearance will be Yrjänä’s first time at Blockfest, the biggest hip-hop festival in the Nordics.


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