D1VARI SPECIAL brings a fresh breeze of new Finnish underground music to Blockfest!

D1VARI is a collective originating from Oulu, whose artists aim to create a unique sound by combining various preferred genres, offering something for everyone. Riding the borders of genres, the young artists strive, in their own words, to bring about lasting change to the Finnish music scene amidst the oversaturation of new artists.

The fresh collective has garnered considerable interest over the past year not only in music but also in other fields. With its easily recognizable graphic identity and sold-out D1VARI NIGHT events from Oulu to Helsinki, the group has quickly established itself as a serious contender in the Finnish rap scene. At Blockfest, D1VARI aims to create a diverse and energetic stage show featuring not only Koira, D1dani, Nonexx, and Rosluv, but also surprise performers sure to ignite the audience.

Although it’s a collective, the musical styles of the artists vary greatly, ensuring listeners a wide range of the most current alternative music.

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