Ege Zulu & Orchestre


Ege Zulu rose to public awareness in 2021 by releasing his debut album “Swengari,” which garnered gold streaming status. Hailing from Roihuvuori, the artist skillfully combines rap and afropop, creating a unique and catchy sound. In 2022, the artist’s second album “Oi maamme Helsinki” rose to Spotify’s most listened-to ranks, and numerous collaborations with top Finnish artists such as Gettomasa and JVG have only increased his popularity. Most recently, Ege Zulu was heard alongside BEHM on the chart-topping single “Tunnista tuntiin.” 

This upcoming summer marks the artist’s third solo performance at Blockfest, and known for his energetic live performances, Ege takes his shows to a whole new level by performing with his live ensemble, Ege Zulu & Orchestre. 




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Ege Zulu & Orchestre
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