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Isac Elliot, who released his debut album as early as 2013, has built an impressive career, garnering significant international attention. The artist, skillfully navigating the intersection of pop and rap, has also gained great popularity with his Finnish music. In June 2023, Elliot released his first Finnish album, and its initial single “20min” garnered a record breaking 320,000 listens on the first day after its release. Before its official release, the album “Kävi miten kävi” had already been streamed over 25 million times. Following the album’s release, the artist has released and featured hits such as “Missaat mut” (Isac Elliot, william) and “Kuka se on” (Cledos feat. Isac Elliot). 

In the summer of 2023, Isac Elliot was seen on his highly anticipated first solo performance at Blockfest, and in the summer of 2024, the artist will return to Ratina once again. 🔥 

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Isac Elliot
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