DAVI, a creator of melodic trap music, will be seen at Blockfest on his first solo performance in August 2024! 

DAVI, who is signed to Babyface, became known to the audience in 2017 when he featured on Cledos’s breakthrough single “Töis.” DAVI’s debut EP “BoiVIILEIN” was released in 2019, and his subsequent singles include tracks like “Exit” and “Kysyy” (feat. Etta). 

The artist who featured on the YleX Breakthrough 2023 list, took his work to a new level in 2022 by releasing the platinum-streaming TikTok phenomenon “Rakastunu Gangstaa – Lotto remix” (feat. Ardian Bujupi). The following year, DAVI released several hit singles, including “LOL” and the chart-topping “Silkkii” (feat. Joalin), a song that samples Jukka Poika’s “Silkkii” from 2012. 

Check out DAVI’s music and social media below and get your tickets for 2024 from the link! 


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