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Lauri Haav, a Jyväskylä based artist, who released his first EP in 2019, has amassed a dedicated fan base. Cleverly breaking genre boundaries, this artist, often dubbed the “Finnish Drake,” creatively blends rap, pop, and R&B in his music. Haav, who has captivated his audience and earned multiple Emma Award nominations, is clearly a trendsetter for the future and one of the most significant rising stars in the Finnish music scene. 

Over the past year, Lauri Haav has undeniably experienced a definitive breakthrough, even though his name has been familiar to avid rap fans for several years. In October 2023, the artist released his successful third album, “Aino”. The album features a collaboration in the form of the hitsingle “Feimii” with Gettomasa, with whom Haav has previously collaborated closely as well. Haav‘s career has also seen successful collaborations with other artists, such as Costi and SHRTY. 

Lauri Haav will be performing at Blockfest in 2024. Check out the artist’s socials and get your tickets from the link below! 


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Lauri Haav
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